Getting Around Ireland – A Complete How-to Guide

For those of you starting to plan your trip to the Emerald Isle, you need to understand a few things about getting around Ireland. There are several ways to traverse the island and with that comes differing opinions. In this post I’ll discuss the pros and cons to getting around Ireland by car. And for those who’d rather not drive and are wondering how to get around Ireland without a car, you’ll discover other modes of transport options.

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What to Eat in Ireland – A Guide to the Best Irish Foods

If you are planning on visiting the Emerald Isle but are not sure what to eat in Ireland, and want to experience traditional Irish food, then you’ve come to the right place. Part of visiting a new country is indulging in their cuisine. This guide to the best Irish food and drink will have you well prepared for seeking out the amazing culinary experiences that are on offer in Ireland.

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Ireland vs Northern Ireland – What is the difference?

Many people are confused about Ireland vs Northern Ireland. I often get asked “what is the difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland?”. Is there a difference? Are they not one and the same? They are not and, to help clarify things for you, here is an explanation as to why there is a difference and what exactly the differences are between the two.

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The Best Time to Visit Dublin (by a local)

The Best Time to Visit Dublin

If you are planning a visit to the Irish capital and wondering “when is the best time to visit Dublin?”, then this post is for you. As a Dubliner, I’m going to help you decide when to visit Dublin by giving you a guide to the city in each season to make that decision easier.

Now for me, there are a few times of year that I prefer returning home and visiting our families. There are also certain times of the year I avoid going into the city centre, and I’ll share those with you and why.

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How to Travel Ireland on a Budget

Ireland can be an expensive destination to visit. After the Euro was introduced, prices for both locals and visitors soared and they have remained high in many aspects for both daily life and tourism. However, it doesn’t mean you have to put off visiting the Emerald Isle. In this post I’m sharing some tips on how to travel Ireland on a budget.

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The 10 Best Free Museums in Dublin (including Galleries)

If you are visiting the Irish capital, you don’t have to go to all the paid Dublin attractions to enjoy yourself. I’m going to share with you the best free museums in Dublin that will help you watch your budget but still give you an insight into Irish history and culture. This list will include museums and galleries in Dublin including some which you might not have ever thought about visiting.

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