You may not have heard of Irish Samhain, but Samhain and Halloween have a long association with one another.

Samhain is the ancient Celtic festival that marked the end of summer and the harvest, and the beginning of winter. Halloween originated in Ireland with the Samhain festival and continues today and across the world, particularly in America where it is a huge annual event with trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and more.

So, if you have ever wondered does Ireland celebrate Halloween, the answer is yes, for the last 2000 years or so! Although there have been changes, many of the Halloween traditions in Ireland still remain such as lighting bonfires and wearing costumes.

Halloween in Ireland is a big event on the calendar, especially for young children who look forward to donning their costumes, going trick-or-treating to neighbors’ houses, and then enjoying the heat from the local bonfire.

There are lots of Halloween events in Ireland, be it a local event, a pumpkin patch, or the Derry Halloween festival, one of the biggest and best Halloween events Ireland has to offer.

So, whether you are a local, or are visiting Ireland at the end of October, you can easily find events and festivities to celebrate Halloween in Ireland.

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A picture of a carved pumpkin in a forest with text overlay saying best Halloween Events in Ireland

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