St Patrick’s Day

The biggest event on the Irish calendar is St Patrick’s Day. Ireland comes alive with festivals and events, parades and more to celebrate the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

If you are lucky enough to be in Ireland for Paddy’s Day, then you are in for a treat. St Patrick’s day festivals and events can be found across the country, with parades, live music and other entertainment.

If you are wondering where to celebrate the day, then I have a post detailing the best cities in Ireland for St Patrick’s Day. These are the cities with the biggest festivals, events or historical nods to the man who brought Christianity to Ireland. While every town, village and city holds a celebration of some sort for St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, these cities are where you want to head for the best festivities and celebrations.

Whether you are from Ireland or only visiting, you’ll also find a handy guide in this section to help you plan your St Patrick’s Day in Dublin. From how to get there, to how to bag the best spots for the St Patrick’s Day Dublin parade.

And if you are considering visiting Ireland for St Patrick’s Day, then you will also learn all you need to know about the saint and the day in question with my facts about St Patrick’s Day post. This might just convince you to book your tickets today!

I have a St Patrick’s Day packing list which tells you exactly what to wear on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland to help you prepare for the big day.

All you need to know about St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is right here.

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