What to Wear on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland – St Patrick’s Day Packing List

Heading to the Emerald Isle for the 17th of March but not sure what to put in your suitcase. If you are stressing about what to wear on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, then stress no more with my St Patrick’s Day packing list.

Preparing for Paddy’s Day in Ireland doesn’t need to be stressful. Aside from the usual things you need to pack for Ireland in March, there are a few extra essentials to bring for St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland or Northern Ireland.

With my local’s knowledge of the day, you’ll soon discover what to wear for St Patrick’s Day to blend in and get into the festive spirit that comes with the biggest national holiday on the Irish calendar.

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St Patrick’s Day Weather

Before we dive into what you need to pack for St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you need to know what the weather is going to be like.

March in Ireland is often still cold and wet and you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Average daytime temperatures during March in Ireland are 10˚C/50F while they drop to an average of 4˚C/39F at night.

March is also still wet, with on average 24 days of rain. However, the East of the country is generally a bit drier than the West.

Some years, St Patrick’s Day is warm and dry, while on others it is cold and wet. So, you need to pack accordingly and go prepared. Layers are your best bet during this month.

A group of ladies in green outfits at the fencing, waiting for the start of the St Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin

What to wear on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland – Clothing

When it comes to St Patrick’s Day apparel, you need to think warm and comfortable as well as green, but not too much of it. If there is one day of the year you can get away with wearing green in Ireland, it is St Patrick’s Day.

So, what do people wear on St Patrick’s Day on the Emerald Isle?

Here is what you need to remember for your clothing for your St Patrick’s Day packing list.

Green sweater/jumper

As already mentioned, it is perfectly acceptable to wear green on St Patrick’s Day. It is not mandatory at all, and people won’t think twice if you decide not to partake in something green.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate green into your St Patrick’s Day outfit is by wearing a green sweater/jumper. You will most likely need to use a layering system to keep warm, so a green sweater is an ideal item of green clothing for St Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

A picture of four revellers in Dublin celebrating St Patrick's Day, all dressed in green, white and orange
Picture Source: Giuseppe Milo from Dublin, Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Waterproof jacket/coat

With March still being a cold and wet month, you will need to bring a warm, thick, waterproof jacket or coat.

If the sun comes out you can take it off, but you’ll be thankful for it if the cold, biting wind whips up or the heavens open while you are watching the parade.

It can be green, or not. Just make sure it will keep you warm and dry!

Waterproof shoes

With an average of 24 days of rain, your St Patrick’s Day packing list must include comfortable, waterproof walking shoes.

If you are spending St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, you can expect to do a lot of walking as the centre of the city is shut down to vehicles for the parade.

And then comes the walking afterwards to find a cosy pub or restaurant. So, pack comfy, waterproof shoes for the day.

A picture of a kid in hiking boots standing on some rocks

Wool socks

If you are anything like me, wool socks are a must for your day in Dublin for St Patrick’s Day. The first place I start to feel the cold is my feet, so super-warm wool socks are a must.

They will keep your feet dry and warm and will be essential while you are standing around waiting and watching the parade.

Green hat

The type of hat you choose for the day is a personal one. You can go for a plainly coloured wool or beanie hat, or you can go all out.

Throughout Dublin, there will be street vendors selling all manner of St Patrick’s Day apparel, including green leprechaun hats. Go with what you feel comfortable in.

A picture of a novelty green, leprechaun hat for St Patrick's Day


It is advisable to also pack a set of gloves and a scarf to keep your hands warm and the wind off your neck. It can get chilly if you are in Dublin or Galway and the wind is blowing in from the Irish Sea/Atlantic Ocean, respectively.

Besides, if you are going to be exploring Ireland on either side of St Patrick’s Day, you are going to need your winter woollies to keep warm.

Other clothes to pack

You will need the following additional items to wear on St Patrick’s Day:

  • Jeans or warm trousers
  • T-shirt, preferably long-sleeved
  • Flannel shirt/Fleece top

I have a complete packing list for Ireland that comes with a handy printable checklist. Get your copy today!

Other things you should pack for St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

With your clothing organised, it is now time to think of some of the other essentials to being to Ireland for St Patrick’s Day.

Green face/body jewels and face paints

Another one of the acceptable green items for your St Patrick’s Day outfit is green face jewels or face paint.

While there may be vendors offering this service, you can avoid extra costs by packing a few into your suitcase. Think shamrocks, the Irish flag and harps!

Picture Source: Giuseppe Milo from Dublin, Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


You might think this is crazy, but it is not completely unheard of for the sun to make an appearance on St Patrick’s Day.

And, if you are heading westwards after attending a parade, the low sun on the horizon can be quite glaring or blinding to drivers, so sunglasses will help make driving easier.

Cross-body anti-theft bag

To avoid becoming the victim of theft or pickpocketing in busy cities during St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you will need to make sure you have an anti-theft cross-body bag to hold all your belongings.

Personally, I used a Pacsafe Metrosafe bag whenever I am travelling and out and about in cities. This bag has lockable zippers and is made with cut-proof material, so I know my belongings are safe.

Alternatively, you could use a belt bag to keep your belongings such as your phone, credit card, keys and money safe.

A picture of a beige cross-body bag with dark brown trim against a white background

Waterproof phone cover

If you are going to be using your phone to capture those special moments of the day, you will need a waterproof phone case.

With the changeable weather in Ireland, keeping your phone (as well as yourself) dry will be a must.

Portable phone charger

If you are planning to be out and about for the day and will be taking lots of pictures, ensure you bring a portable phone charger with you.

The portable charger we have found to be the best is the Anker charger. They are reliable and long-lasting and are perfect for popping into your bag.

Travel adapter

And finally, to get prepared for your St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, ensure you remember to pack a travel adapter.

Ireland uses the ‘G’ electrical outlet with three, square prongs, so you will need a travel adapter to charge your phone or use your hair dryer in the morning.

So, now that you know exactly what to wear on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you can start relaxing and getting ready to enjoy the day.

If you are still planning your trip to Ireland, you might like to know where the best St Patrick’s Day events are held each year on the Emerald Isle. I also have a great article about the best cities to celebrate Paddy’s Day in Ireland.

And, just for fun, discover some fun facts about St Patrick’s Day now that you might not have already known.

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