Is Donegal in Northern Ireland or Ireland? Setting the Record Straight!

A picture of Murder Hole beach in Donegal and text overlay saying is Donegal in Northern Ireland or Ireland?

“Is Donegal in Northern Ireland or Ireland?” It’s a common question asked by many planning a trip to the beautiful Emerald Isle. And it’s no surprise. Given the complex and layered history of this region, it can be quite a task to understand the geographical and political boundaries. I’m shedding some light on this query … Read more

Best Things to Do in Donegal, Ireland (County Guide)

Often called the wild child of Ireland, County Donegal was voted one of the coolest places on the planet by National Geographic Traveler in 2017. If you are considering visiting this beautiful corner of the Emerald Isle, this post will help you decide which of the best things to do in Donegal, Ireland to add to your Donegal itinerary.

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