31 Best Souvenirs from Ireland: Exactly What to Buy in Ireland

Are you wondering what are the best souvenirs from Ireland you should bring back home, whether for a loved one or yourself?

Ireland, a place I’m fortunate enough to call home, has a magic that’s hard to describe but easy to bring back with you in the form of Irish souvenirs.

Every time I return, whether to reunite with family or to rediscover the beauty of the Emerald Isle, I find myself irresistibly drawn to collecting souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of Ireland and my experiences there.

If you’re planning to visit Ireland, I understand that the vast array of trinkets and treasures available can be overwhelming. You may be questioning what are the best gifts to bring home from Ireland and which ones will let you carry a piece of the Emerald Isle forever.

With my years of travel and local knowledge, I’ve gathered the charm of Ireland into this guide that is brimming with ideas. You will discover

  • the best things to buy from Ireland as souvenirs,
  • what should you buy in Ireland,
  • things to bring home from Ireland, and
  • the best gifts to buy from Ireland for your family and loved ones.

Read on to uncover my personally curated list of the best souvenirs to get in Ireland and begin your exciting journey toward finding that perfect memento.

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13 Fascinating Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings: A Journey into Irish Lore

Looking to discover some fascinating Celtic symbols and their meanings? Look no further!

As an Irish local with a deep-rooted love for our rich culture, I’ve curated a list of the 13 most fascinating Celtic symbols and their meanings – those ubiquitous motifs that are intrinsically linked with Ireland and the intriguing Celtic culture.

Aimed at curious travellers like you, this guide will delve into both popular and lesser-known symbols, each carrying centuries of Irish lore and mystique.

My guide to Celtic symbols includes:

  • The Claddagh and its meanings.
  • The Celtic Cross and how it evolved.
  • Symbols synonymous with all things Ireland.
  • And some lesser-known, but equally beautiful Celtic symbols.

So, ready to unlock the secrets of these captivating symbols and embrace the ancient wisdom they carry? Let’s dive in together.

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The Best Christmas Markets in Ireland to Visit This Year

A picture of the Big Wheel and Christmas Tree at Belfast Christmas Market with text overlay saying Best Christmas Markets in Ireland

Are you looking for the best Christmas markets in Ireland? Then you are in the right place.

Christmas markets are hugely popular on the continent but are gaining in popularity in Ireland as well. Cute little huts selling crafts, Christmas decorations, mulled wine, and more.

And they can be one of the best ways to get into the festive spirit.

Use my helpful guide to visit the best Christmas markets on the Emerald Isle including

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Best Places to See Christmas Light Displays in Ireland

An abstract image of Christmas lights with text overlay saying Best Christmas Light Displays in Ireland

Looking to find the most magical Christmas Light Displays in Ireland this festive season? Then look no further.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and I’ve compiled this list of the best Christmas lights to be found in Ireland.

My guide will help you discover where to find them across the Emerald Isle including:

  • Christmas lights in Dublin
  • Christmas lights in Kilkenny
  • Christmas lights in Galway
  • Christmas lights in Belfast.

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How to Spend 3 Days in Dublin: A Perfect Dublin Itinerary

Ready to explore the Irish capital? Here’s how to make the most of 3 days in Dublin.

As the largest city in Ireland, creating the perfect Dublin in 3 days itinerary can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be.

How do I know? I am a Dubliner, and I’m going to share all my best travel tips with you to plan an epic itinerary for your visit.

There is no end to the things to do in Dublin but with my local knowledge of the city, you will soon be planning your perfect stay in the Irish capital and maximising your time.

Ready to get to this ultimate guide to seeing Dublin in 3 days? Let’s dive in!

My 3-day Dublin itinerary guide includes:

  • Detailed itinerary for spending 3 days in Dublin.
  • Maps and routes for each of the 3 days with points of interest marked.
  • Information about getting to Dublin, getting around Dublin, and where to stay for your 3 days in the city.

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Do They Celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland?

A picture of a red candle surrounded by cinnamon sticks and a note sticking out of the sticks saying happy Thanksgiving

Once the spooky season of Halloween is done and dusted, the world turns to another special day on the calendar, Thanksgiving. For Americans, it is one of the biggest dates of the year, but some people have asked me do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland. Well, read on to discover if thanksgiving is celebrated on the Emerald Isle.

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25 Weird Laws in Ireland Even Some of the Irish Find Bizarre

A picture of a scales and court room hammer sitting on some thick books in front of a light background and with text underneath saying weird laws in Ireland.

Alongside the laws of the country to keep everything running smoothly, each country around the world has its own weird and wacky ones. And Ireland is no exception.

Whether they are simply strange laws, ones that are outdated but still in law, or some that were revoked in more modern times, there are some weird Irish laws that are just bizarre.

Whether you are looking to know some of the weird laws in Ireland through interest or not, you’re going to love learning about the quirkiness of some old Irish laws, and some modern ones too.

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Irish Christmas Blessings, Proverbs and Sayings

A Christmas-themed picture with text overlay saying Irish Christmas blessings, sayings and proverbs

Looking for some beautiful Irish Christmas blessings, proverbs, and sayings to incorporate into your festive season? Then you’re going to love this post.

Whether you are Irish, have Irish heritage, or simply love all things Irish, incorporating some of these Irish Christmas Blessings into your festive season this year will round it off nicely.

I’ve scoured the internet high and low to bring you a collection of beautiful Christmas-themed sayings, provers, prayers, and even poems that you can weave into your Christmas this year.

Beautiful Irish blessings for Christmas can melt the heart of both the giver and receiver. Those soft sentiments and kind words are perfect for this time of year, whether sharing with friends or family.

You’ll find the following in this article:

  • Irish Christmas Blessings,
  • Irish Christmas Proverbs,
  • Irish Christmas Sayings,
  • Irish Christmas Poems ideas.

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