July in Ireland Revealed: Weather, Tips, and Things to Do

A picture of the Great Pollet Sea Arch in Donegal and text overlay saying Ireland in July.

Wondering if it is worth spending time during July in Ireland? The summer months in Ireland are peak tourist season, with many flocking to the Emerald Isle to (hopefully) enjoy some good Ireland summer weather while exploring places such as the Wild Atlantic Way, but with the choice of doing some outdoor activities. And with … Read more

Tipping in Ireland: Where, When and How Much

A picture of some euro coins sitting on top of a receipt on a bill plate with text overlay saying tipping in Ireland.

Are you planning a trip to the Emerald Isle and are wondering what the culture is when it comes to tipping in Ireland? Then you are in the right place. There’s nothing worse that finishing a meal in a new country and then having a silent battle as to whether you need to leave a … Read more

What to Wear in Ireland: A Complete Guide and Top Tips

Are you preparing for a trip to the Emerald Isle but wondering what to wear in Ireland?

Are you wondering what you should pack and what you should leave at home? Let me help you with my handy guide.

Packing for your vacation can be a daunting task, especially when it is a new-to-you country. Should you go with the flow? Should you pack for all eventualities?

With my expert knowledge of Irish weather, after all, it’s where I grew up and where my family lives, you could say I know it like the back of my hand.

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31 Best Souvenirs from Ireland: Exactly What to Buy in Ireland

Are you wondering what are the best souvenirs from Ireland you should bring back home, whether for a loved one or yourself?

Ireland, a place I’m fortunate enough to call home, has a magic that’s hard to describe but easy to bring back with you in the form of Irish souvenirs.

Every time I return, whether to reunite with family or to rediscover the beauty of the Emerald Isle, I find myself irresistibly drawn to collecting souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of Ireland and my experiences there.

If you’re planning to visit Ireland, I understand that the vast array of trinkets and treasures available can be overwhelming. You may be questioning what are the best gifts to bring home from Ireland and which ones will let you carry a piece of the Emerald Isle forever.

With my years of travel and local knowledge, I’ve gathered the charm of Ireland into this guide that is brimming with ideas. You will discover

  • the best things to buy from Ireland as souvenirs,
  • what should you buy in Ireland,
  • things to bring home from Ireland, and
  • the best gifts to buy from Ireland for your family and loved ones.

Read on to uncover my personally curated list of the best souvenirs to get in Ireland and begin your exciting journey toward finding that perfect memento.

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How to Get Around Ireland Without a Car – Embrace the Adventure of Public Transport

A picture of the number 77A Dublin Bus and text overlay saying how to get around Ireland without a car

Navigating the lush landscapes of Ireland without a car might sound daunting to many. “Is it even possible to experience the vast beauty of the Emerald Isle on public transport or without hiring a car?” you wonder.

Drawing from my local knowledge, I’ll confidently guide you through the ins and outs of touring Ireland without the need for your own set of wheels.

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