Is There Uber in Dublin? A Dubliner’s Lowdown for 2024

Have you been wondering is there Uber in Dublin, Ireland? Wondering does it work the same as the rest of the world?

As a Dubliner, I am often asked does Uber exist in Dublin and does it work the same as in the US for example.

In short, yes, there is Uber in Dublin, but it works a little differently to other countries in the world and you’ll discover exactly how in this article.

As well as explaining how Uber works in Dublin, I’m also going to explain in what way it differs from what you might be used to.

And you’ll also get other ideas for how to get around in Dublin without relying on Uber.

By the end of this article, you will know:

  • Is Uber in Dublin?
  • Exactly how Uber works in Dublin.
  • Other options for getting around Dublin, Ireland.

Is there Uber in Dublin?

In short, yes. Well, kind of.

You see, like many other countries around the world, the Uber app is available in Dublin and throughout Ireland. However, it operates differently in Dublin (and Ireland as a whole) compared to the likes of, for example Lyon in France and Marbella in Spain.

Traditionally, Uber works by operating a ride-share service in which independent drivers can use their own cars to provide customers with a ride-sharing service or a taxi service. Not so in Ireland.

A picture of a person driving a car and on the windscreen is a sat nav device.

Why is Uber different in Dublin?

In Dublin and throughout Ireland, taxis are heavily regulated. And traditional taxis are protected by unions.

Ireland does also not allow ride-sharing unless the driver holds a professional license such as a limousine driver, or taxi driver. So, Uber is only allowed to operate in the traditional sense with licensed private drivers or limousines.

For all other ‘normal’ Ubers, you will be met by a traditional taxi that has a running meter, and a taxi license plate on his car to match his driver’s ID inside the car.

Uber is not allowed to operate private car-sharing services in Dublin or throughout Ireland because these private drivers do not hold professional licenses such as those needed by taxi drivers.

So, does Uber work in Dublin?

If you have an Uber app, yes it will work in Dublin. But as already mentioned, you will be met by a regulated taxi that must have its meter running and it will most likely cost you more than you might expect.

Your ‘quote’ will most likely be an estimate as the actual cost will depend on whether there is more than one passenger, you have luggage (these are all added extras in taxis) and whether there is traffic as traffic at a standstill will still have a meter running, whether you are moving or not.

A picture of a lady on her cell using a taxi/ride-sharing app and a white car pulling up beside her.

Should you use Uber in Dublin?

I do not think it is worth using Uber.

Many Dublin taxi drivers refused to sign up for Uber because of the fees, so you may find it difficult to get an Uber unless you are prepared to pay the higher costs for a private, licensed driver or a limousine.

Other options for getting around Dublin without Uber

I have a complete guide to getting around Dublin but in case you don’t have time to pop over to that article, I’ve summarised each of your options below.

Using a taxi in Dublin

Using a taxi in Dublin is quite simple and easy to do. Below are some of the issues I get asked about.

How to get a taxi in Dublin

There are three ways to get a taxi in Dublin.

  1. Hail one. There are taxi ranks across the city centre where you will find taxis waiting for passengers. Alternatively, you can hail one from the side of the road as they are passing and they will stop if they have no passengers and are not already on a call-out.
  2. Using the FREENOW app (more on this below).
  3. Ask your hotel or accommodation to call a taxi from a company they use regularly. Many restaurants can also do this for you if you want one after your meal.

What is the FREENOW app?

FREENOW is a taxi-calling app that works similarly to Uber in that it matches passengers with nearby taxi drivers who have signed up for the app.

The app is advertised in Dublin Airport and is on the side of many taxis across the city. In fact, FREENOW is Ireland’s number 1 taxi app.

A picture of the red FREENOW Taxi App advertisement in Dublin Airport.

You can check the app for drivers nearby, pay by cash, card, and digital payment services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal, and you can also check the rating of the drivers nearby.

FREENOW is the preferred taxi app and you can download it from the Apple or Google Stores, create an account, insert your payment details, and off you go.

Is it easy to get a taxi in Dublin?

Generally speaking, yes, getting a taxi in Dublin is easy.

The only time you might have to wait is on busy Friday and Saturday nights or if there is a big event taking place in the city such as a concert in Croke Park or the 3Arena, or a match in the Aviva Stadium.

Are taxis in Dublin safe?

Yes, regulated taxis with license plates on top of their cars are safe.

As with anywhere else in the world, you need to use common sense when it comes to safety in Dublin and with taxis.

Take a picture of their taxi license ID, ask your hotel or restaurant to call a company they trust, or use the FREENOW app which tracks journeys if you are in any way wary.

Getting a taxi after dark is my preferred way to navigate Dublin or to get back to my sister’s house in the suburbs after I’ve been in the city on a night out. I don’t use public transport after dark.

A picture of a silver Dublin taxi outside the Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar.

How much do taxis in Dublin cost?

Taxi costs depend on the length of your journey, the time of day or night, and whether there are many passengers and luggage. Below is a breakdown (correct as of 2022) from the Transport for Ireland website.

  1. Between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) – €4.20 for 0.5km or 85 seconds. Thereafter, €1.30/km or €0.46/minute up to €23.20 total. Then €1.65/km or €0.58/minute.
  2. Between 8pm and 8am, Monday to Saturday, all day Sunday and most public holidays – €4.80 for 0.5km or 85 seconds. Thereafter, €1.71/km or €0.60/minute up to €29.60 total. Then €2.00/km or €0.71/minute.
  3. Special rate for 8pm 24th December to 8am 26th December and 8pm 31st December to 8am 1st January – €4.80 for 0.5km or 85 seconds. Thereafter, €2.00/km or €0.71/minute.

You can use the taxi fare calculator to estimate your fare on the Transport for Ireland website. Note that on this page on the website you can find information for additional charges that you may incur using a taxi in Dublin.

Can you pay by card in taxis in Dublin?

Yes, from the 1st of September 2022, all taxis in Ireland must accept both cash and card payments and cannot add a surcharge on any card payments (ref. Transport for Ireland website). Most taxis will also accept payment via Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Should you tip your taxi driver in Dublin?

When it comes to tipping in Dublin, whether you tip your taxi driver or not is at your discretion.

Tipping is not mandatory in Ireland and taxi drivers do not expect it. However, it is nice to round up your fare to the nearest €5 or 10 euro if you have had a pleasant ride or nice conversation with your taxi driver.

A picture of two Dublin taxis on St Stephen's Green outside the Little Museum of Dublin on a rainy day.

What are my options for getting from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre?

There are a few options available to those looking to travel from Dublin airport into the city centre.

  • You can get a taxi from the taxi rank outside the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport to take you into the city.
  • Call a taxi using either Uber or the FREENOW app.
  • Get an airport express bus from outside Terminal 2.
  • Get a public bus from outside Terminal 1.

Public transport

Getting around Dublin can also be done very easily using public transport. The city has a good public transport system which is super easy to use, especially if you get yourself a Visitor Leap Card.

Your options for public transport in the city include:

  • Dublin Bus – with links to many parts of the city and its suburbs.
  • DART – the Dublin rail line that runs along the coast from Howth in the north to Bray in County Wicklow in the south.
  • Luas – Dublin’s tram system that has two lines, the Red line running from The Point/Connolly to Tallaght/Citywest, and the Green line running from Bride’s Glen on the southside to Broombridge on the northside.
A picture of two Dublin Buses and one taxi on O'Connell Street during a grey and rainy day in the city.


The centre of Dublin is very walkable and unless you are out late at night and want to play it safe by getting a taxi, you can easily traverse the city on foot.

There are lots of walking tours in Dublin that can help you get your bearings while visiting some of Dublin’s best attractions.

If you would like to do a self-guided walking tour of Dublin, then check out my 3-days in Dublin itinerary in which I share a self-guided walking tour of the city for each day of the itinerary.

👉 You can find out more about navigating the city and your options in my article about how to get around Dublin.

Uber in Different Parts of Ireland

So, Uber does operate in Dublin, but what about the rest of the Emerald Isle?

When it comes to is there Uber in Ireland, much like Dublin, yes but with the same differences. The Uber app also operates in Limerick, and Cork but with the same restrictions as Dublin in that you will either get a metered taxi, licensed private driver, or a limousine (which are both premium services on Uber).

That said, in Northern Ireland cities such as Derry and Belfast, Uber operates as normal. Within the United Kingdom (of which Northern Ireland is a part), Uber can operate private ride-sharing services, just as you have come to expect from many places around the world.

Uber is not regulated in Northern Ireland in the same manner as the Republic of Ireland.

This is one of the key differences between getting an Uber in Ireland vs Northern Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whether There is Uber in Dublin

In this section, I address some of the common questions asked about whether there is Uber in Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Final Words on Uber in Dublin and how it operates

While the Uber app is available to use in Dublin and some other cities across the Republic of Ireland, it operates under strict differences compared to other parts of the world.

The only place in Ireland where Uber operates as you may be used to is in Northern Ireland.

The better choice of Dublin taxi app to use while in the city is FREENOW which many of the regulated taxi drivers use over Uber.

That said, Dublin can easily be navigated on foot or by also using public transport.

Whether you choose to use Uber in Dublin or not is your choice but you should also know it will cost you more than simply hailing a cab or calling one.

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